Caitlin Kiely

Student, Royal College of Art

Caitlin Kiely

Like Her ability to wear Her story on Her surface like that. As well as everyone else’s that had been inscribed into, and etched onto Her.

Illustration as an Act of Doing


‘Illustration as an Act of Doing’ is a presentation which will explore the meandering research process of the illustrator, as they oscillate between studio practice and fieldwork. Throughout the course of the presentation, Caitlin Kiely will discuss her recent body of work, ‘The Walker in the Landscape’, which recalls the alternating relationship of the human and the landscape through time.

Focusing on the different tools, methods and conditions she applies both herself and research to, she will also explore how these many acts of ‘doing’ drive the investigation of her practice-led-research. The presentation will mirror the stages of her process, setting the scene with the initial interest in quarried landscapes, before proceeding into what happens when the ‘doing’ in the studio and landscape allow these two spaces to become extensions of one another.

By walking through this developmental journey, the presentation aims to show illustration as a process of continuous investigation and reflection which deepens as we engage closely with our subject matter, both inside and outside of the studio environment. It will also highlight how a fluid approach to material and form allows us to select the most appropriate methods of communication and inquiry.


Having recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, Caitlin is continuing to develop an Illustration practice which is inherently bound within process. Her focus on methodology allows her to investigate through making, as she considers illustration to be an act of doing, showing or questioning something. ​Caitlin’s practice is concerned with landscapes and how they are sites for narratives to be contained, unearthed and situated. Her research methods borrow from other fields as she approaches ‘place’ by observing its landform, reading into its surface and drawing out from it. She reconsiders the traditions of site specificity as the material she 'gathers' is generated by contemplating the landscape around her, rather than 'taking' in terms of footage or field recordings.Through personifying the landscape, Caitlin aims to bring it closer to our human presence and consciousness.