Dr. Nanette Hoogslag

Course Leader Illustration and Animation, Anglia Ruskin University


Dr. Nanette Hoogslag

Dr. Nanette Hoogslag

What 100 articles tell us about Illustration Research


The Journal of Illustration is the only peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the field of illustration and has been in existence since 2014. It represents International Illustration Research an academic network and its annual conferences, a network that is now in its tenth year. The Journal to date has published over 100 articles. Time to take stock. Typical for the journal is the notion of expanded illustration and its open position on what defines illustration. Based on the themes of the annual conferences or through open invitation, contributions to the journal present a wide range of academic discussions and reflections. Collectively what do these articles tell us about Illustration? Can we see a particular notion of Illustration emerging? What is the breath and quality of research that the journal represents, and where are the gaps?

This presentation is not only a reflection on a valuable collection of articles, and a reflection on the state of the journal, but also a reflection on the state of current illustration research and the type of scholarly endeavour it represents. With an eye on the next ten years, how can Illustration Research continue to disseminate current academic knowledge, and importantly how can it address the gaps and represent the field of illustration more fully? In the discussion you are invited to reflect and consider the direction of the ‘next ten years’ of the International Illustration Research and its journal. Desdemona McCannon, founder and principal editor of the Journal of Illustration will be participating in the discussion.

Journal of Illustration https://www.intellectbooks.com/journal-of-illustration


As an illustrator, designer, lecturer and academic researcher, Nanette's practice and approach come from a deep understanding of illustration as part of communication and visual media. Her research is centered around an ongoing fundamental understanding of editorial illustration. In both theory and practice, she explores the role of illustration within print and, in particular, online media. As a practicing illustrator, Nanette has been commissioned to create a wide range of illustrations for clients worldwide, from editorial to commercial assignments as well as complex communication design projects. She is currently course leader of the BA (hons) Illustration and Animation at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.