Siddhi Gupta

Recent graduate, Royal Collage of Art

Siddhi Gupta

Illustrator and Educators: Education and Illustration

Kalakarm Curriculum : How can illustration facilitate art in education?


Art in education has a unique place especially when education manifests itself in a system such as the school. Its function is not limited to the curriculum, but rather demonstrated in the school environment and encouraged as a creative practice to make meaning of its other academic counterparts. In realizing art’s importance in the curriculum, it is concerning to see its disappointing reality in schools in India - especially when art here is recognised as a way of life. The problem is not straight forward, and is a consequence of multiple factors. This includes the absence of a specialised art educator in schools, lack of resources for art educators and limiting the purpose of art in education to a policy requirement.

My illustration practice is situated in this context and aims to facilitate art in education. It is guided by the curiosity of finding a space for creativity to implement creative education. The objective is not limited to making art education possible for all learners, but rather extends to making art education transcend its coveted space of an extra curricular subject and be integrated in education.

The initiative is today called, Kalakarm Curriculum, and works with educators across the country. Illustration is employed to create tools that document research, communicate intention, and exemplify what art in education could mean. It is demonstrated as a visual journey of illustrations and responses received from educators and learners that can be seen, read and interpreted to understand how illustration can facilitate art in education.


Siddhi is an illustrator working at the intersection of education, culture and communication. She is interested in exploring illustration as a tool for integrating cultural knowledge and overcoming barriers to creative learning. Currently the hands and eyes at Kalakarm Curriculum and a recent Visual Communication graduate from the Royal College of Art, London. She is the Design and Communications consultant at Justice Adda and also a Design Affiliate with