Molly Cranston & Safiye Gray

Recent Illustration Animation Graduates, Kingston School of Art

Molly Cranston & Safiye Gray

Collaborating hands at work

Pairing, Sharing, Caring: The possibilities and potential of collaborative practices in Illustration


For this presentation, we will talk about our collaborative approach to research-led Illustration. Illustration is often understood as a solitary vocation centred around a personal drawing style. However, we believe that an illustrative practice can be founded upon a collaborative approach through qualitative and communal gathering of research. We will be discussing the projects we have worked on during our partnership as research-based illustrators and book makers.


Molly Cranston and Safiye Gray are recent Illustration graduates from Kingston School of Art. Molly is currently working between illustration, design and writing. Safiye has been building her practice as a researcher, designer and curator. They met on art foundation in 2014 and have been collaborating on various projects ever since.