Freed from the constraints of traditional in-person visitation, we invite you to explore our online exhibition. From reporting to activism, crafting to education, our exhibition reflects the vast breadth and ever-evolving definition of Illustration Research Methods.

Caitlin McLoughlin

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper: An Illustrated Reader documents an illustrative research project on The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, collating image-making, fragments of history and corresponding narratives that sit alongside the text itself. It seeks to investigate and interpret the themes explored and challenge the way the reader engages with the story.

Images below: also from The Yellow Wallpaper, a letterpress maze book, exploring the idea of hysteria in book form.

Jo Sordini

Come fly with me, excerpt from movie

A grotesque version of your local homeless pigeon lady, this drag character invites us to experience our relation to companion species like pigeons and the frail border between the natural and the artificial, exploring the idea of precarious kinship in the face of political hopelessness and impending climate crisis.

Nina Carter & Martha Dillon

It's Freezing in LA!

A selection of It’s Freezing in LA!'s favourite photographs of readers engaging with the magazine


Photograph 1: Photography and editing by Kyle Berger, direction by Kwame Essien, styling by Biba Esaad, hair and make-up by Stephanie George, featuring Tristan for l-i-v-r-e.com, a creative agency and consignment shop

Photograph 2: Photography by John Stone for Wimbledon BookFest

Photograph 3: 爿旧店 (One Half In) photographed at Shanghai Art Book Fair

Photograph 4: Photography by Lucy Sigmund, featuring Tsiresy Domingos

Rachel Emily Taylor

The Outsider

Rachel Emily Taylor’s project ’The Outsider’ at the Bronte Parsonage Museum; working with children to explore the landscape in an attempt to find a ‘contemporary Heathcliff’ as a form of Method Illustration.

The project culminated in an exhibition at the museum in celebration of Emily Bronte’s 200th anniversary.

‘The Outsider’ was supported by Grant in Aid through Arts Council England.

Rachel Emily TaylorRachel Emily Taylor

Rachel Emily Taylor

An Interruption

As part of her doctoral research, Rachel Emily Taylor worked with the Foundling Museum to explore how illustrative practice might be able to communicate the historical person’s voice. Her focus was on the foundling children of the 17- and 1800s, whose voices have been covered, masked, and ventriloquized by adults.

An Interruption is a sound installation that forms part of the practice-based research. The form plays on the shape and size of the museum’s collection long-case clocks. It was placed in the Foyer, and at first appeared to be part of the room, blending into the background among the donation boxes and fire-extinguishers.

Children’s voices chime on the hour, quarter past, half past, and quarter to. Playing on the idea that ‘children should be seen and not heard’.

‘An Interruption’ was funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Rachel Lillie

Family Workshop, Vestry House Museum, 2018

Collaborative image making. Mono-printed tree trunks offer the starting point for scenic depictions of the forest. Children explore mark making and drawing through material play.

Rachel Lillie

Field Notes Book, 2018

Field Notes; a meditation on the reflective process of walking, looking and recording the material language of place. Research as exploration; the varied and sculpted landscape of Epping Forest, retracing the events that have shaped the land.

In a quest to get to know a place intimately, Field Notes is a poetic investigation of place. The book takes joy in the wild topographical diversity of a seemingly contained forest on the outskirts of London.

Part of; ‘An Ode to Epping Forest’ exhibition at Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow.

Yeni Kim


A picture book, Badangbat (Sea Field), is made based on the interview with Haenyeo (female free divers) and workshops with elementary school students in Jeju Island.

The book is written in Jeju language with a trial to capture a disappearing cultural heritage in Jeju.

Yeni Kim

Yimin Qiao

A Wind-bell

A wind-bell with two people open their arms. Once the wind blows, we can hear the sound of a hug.

Yimin Qiao

Chewing gum

Chewing gum, is a form of artificial fossil, an ideal subject to collect time and moments, represents positions and our historical behaviour. It achieves instant but reasonable results. Taking chewing gum as a research subject and a readable story, let’s have a look at these decorations in our daily life.